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Hyperspace is a solo performed by James Batchelor in intimate theatres and unique found spaces. From the human body to the cosmos, Hyperspace is an inquiry into the metrics we use to measure the deep unknowns of the universe. It proposes a study of the human body seen through the prism of cosmology, a mapping of the universe within and around it. It premiered in Bassano del Grappa in 2018 and was presented in Dance Massive in Melbourne 2019 before extensive touring in Europe. It was chosen as an Aerowaves work in 2019, a prestigious European mobility platform for independent artists. 

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Alien Intimacy speculates on the movement of an interpersonally constructed alien sensibility where the visible and the invisible or the physically embodied and the virtually disembodied intertwine. The distance between human and alien (or body/self and object/other) expands and contracts as the performers locate themselves in a nearby, inter-netted spacetime when “alien” recalls and navigates away from imageries more essentialized, such as the cinematic extraterrestrial. 

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